The Team

Informed, impartial, inclusive


Our dedicated team comprises professional individuals currently working, studying, living, travelling and raising families across the UK – plus the soon to be 27 remaining EU states.  All of us have a vested interest in the future of Europe, the European Union and the United Kingdom.


Whilst our opinions on Brexit are varied and different, we all agree that the solutions lie in discussion, idea sharing and compromise.  Quite simply, the Brexit Decoded movement was born from ongoing micro discussions we’ve had ever since the vote.

Our Members

For Our Members


When we say ‘us’ that’s exactly what we mean, because we’re all in this together.


Together with our members input we can identify the issues and priorities that matter to everyone – and as a strong, collective voice direct those questions to the appropriate decision makers.  We will identify problems and seek solutions together.

Our Champions

Our Champions

Within the UK our team has selectively enlisted the help of experts and professionals in areas including, education, employment, recruitment, housing, banking, finance, travel and health.  These individuals and companies provide up-to-the-minute guidance and advice on all matters Brexit.   Engagement with our champions will be via the forum and also webinars, interactive Q&A sessions, plus dedicated tutorials.

Having already lined up like-minded experts in Greece, Cyprus, France and Spain (with more coming on board), Brexit Decoded is similarly in a position to deliver best advice and reliable information there too – along with generally addressing concerns relating to UK Nationals living in other EU countries.


Our Services

When our members tell us they need help, we will provide recommended partners who offer professional advice at discounted prices.  Plus, our membership are able to rate this advice, the services and assistance received – so that only the best third party recommendations are provided by the Brexit Decoded team.

This includes access to discounted travel, accommodation, recruitment, as well as legal and accountancy services, etc. We also welcome enquiries from other potential partners who believe they can offer our members desirable, beneficial services.