Decoding – our unique ‘3-D’ approach to understanding and seeing the (Brexit) light means we work it all out for you, think about how best to present it – and then give you the facts plain and simple.


  • Decipher : where we’re all at right now; citizens, businesses, public offices – all trying to make sense of Brexit developments on a daily basis, the likely outcomes and the end results?


  • Deliberate: weighting up the facts, plus what’s missing and the questions that remain – via our experts, like-minded champions and a lively forum full of informed members


  • Deliver : as mandates are agreed and passed, advising you on the best course of action and above all else eliminating the confusion that’s surrounded Brexit since day one


We’re consistent and constructive and see the bigger picture from all sides – telling the Brexit story as it really is and with our own timetable and series of events helping to illustrate developments more clearly.

Brexit Decoded Champions

Apart from our own pool of representatives (living and working in both the EU and UK and operating in the fields of business, local government, commerce plus law) Brexit Decoded will be introducing top level experts (Champions) with new things to say on the legal/cultural/economical implications of the final Brexit deal.

These ‘champions’ all share with us a passion for ‘decoding’ and giving you the plain, simple and impartial truth on Brexit buzzwords such as free trade, freedom of movement, settled status, migrant worker rights, plus the outlook for foreign students.

They’re in the know about the way forward and any potential fallout – so watch this space as our exciting timetable of events unfolds and our bespoke champions give you their unique perspectives and advice….