The UK government has now reached agreement with the EU on citizens’ rights – and whilst there are few details we do now have some very important reassurances and a timetable.

The government’s own website informs us that the system for guaranteeing existing rights under the current EU framework will be maintained via a registration system called ‘Settled Status‘ and that an online process will be available later this year.

More detailed information on this is also available from Brexit Decoded by clicking either EU citizens in the UK  or UK Nationals in the EU   

 EU citizens will have their rights in the UK protected until at least 31 December 2020, (depending on current Brexit negotiations) but will have to register before that date.  Further details are expected in the coming months and we will provide email updates and alerts to our registered users, along with step-by-step guidance to the registration process in their particular country.

What’s more, Brexit Decoded will provide assistance for those who request it and can also assist with UK nationals living abroad – via our staff based in the main expat EU states including Spain, Greece, Cyprus ,France, Germany and Eire plus further nation states very shortly.

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Understandably many EU citizens living in the UK seem worried about Brexit and the fact that they’ll have to apply to stay here but, having looked into the detail of the EU Settlement Scheme, it does appear to be pretty straightforward and that most applications will be granted within a couple of weeks.

Those who’ve been in the UK less than five years will need Pre Settled Status and anyone who’s been here longer than that will need Settled Status. For more detailed information, visit our Settled Status Registration Page, visit the Forum and follow our Blog.



It’s natural for EU nationals to feel unsettled (excuse the pun) by the Settlement Scheme because they’re being asked to apply for the right to stay in the UK, and it’s a daunting prospect that there’s a chance their application will be turned down. However Sajid Javid, The Home Secretary, has said the Government’s default position will be to grant rather than refuse applications, and that the process will be as simple as you can reasonably expect. Apparently there will also be help available, on the phone or in person, for people who need help with translation or don’t have access to computers.

The main issue with the EU Settlement Scheme seems to be raising awareness about it, and the fact that it will be compulsory for EU citizens if they want to remain in the UK. The Government has come under fire for focusing its awareness campaign online and in particular on social media, with the main argument being that this approach won’t reach migrant workers who don’t use the internet. The next few months will be very telling as to whether the campaign moves in a different direction.

The EU settlement scheme, for Pre Settled and Settled Status applications is open ,so watch this space for more help in decoding the application process and join the Forum to stay informed.

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