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Hello there,

I am a new member.  I have checked out all the forum posts and Brexit update information regarding the UK leaving on 31st Dec 2020 however I`m still unsure given my current position.   I am a UK national living in the north west of England.  It was my  intention to move to Cyprus towards the end of the year and for my  husband to follow me there  next year , with the pandemic this now remains uncertain if we are able to achieve this within the specified deadline of 31st Dec 2020.  Does this deadline mean that in order to apply for residency I need to become a resident of Cyprus before 31st Dec 2020? How long do I need to be a resident for before I can apply to  be a registered resident?   What proof do I need to be seen as a permanent resident, is this a lease on a property and evidence of utility bills?   If I am residing in Cyprus before 31st Dec 2020 does this mean I have up until June 2021 to apply for a residency permit?

Many thanks in advance , any clarity on these points would be much appreciated