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Dear Alison,

Provided that you can submit documentary evidence of your residency prior to the end of the transitional period (31/12/2020), as a UK national who have residency rights under the Withdrawal Agreement you will continue to have the right to apply within a new procedure that will be initiated as of 1/1/2021. Residence documents issued within this new process will include a statement that the document has been issued in accordance with the Withdrawal Agreement.

For those UK nationals who will be in scope and can provide documentary evidence of their residency in Cyprus prior to the end of the transitional period there will be no deadline for the submission of residency applications within the new process.

Staying for longer than 3 months you must apply for a Registration Certificate for EU Nationals. This certificate is commonly known as yellow slip as it’s written on yellow paper.

It gives you the right to work and reside in Cyprus for more than 3 months. It also gives you the ability to obtain the medical card, register your car or enroll children in a Cyprus school.

Within the first four months you should apply for the yellow slip. You can submit the application in your local immigration office. Immigration offices are located in all the districts of Cyprus.

You will need to book an appointment in one of such immigration offices in advance. A lawyer can book an appointment for you and accompany you to help you apply for this permit. However, you must submit the application personally. We advise you to book an appointment at least 3 to 4 weeks before the 4-month deadline.

Documents that you will need.

-Proof of employment
-Proof of Cypriot Address (lease agreement)
-Valid passport or ID and photocopies
-2 passport-size photographs
-Application fee of 20€
-You also might be asked to provide proof of valid health insurance in the Republic

Obviously things are changing all the time. We do not suggest you rely on any information unless you have contacted the relevant authorities. You should only make decisions based on advice from a regulator or obtain legal advice.