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It is difficult to separate business travel from the wider issue of free movement. At present our advice for UK citizens is as follows:

UK citizens living on mainland Europe are eagerly anticipating official announcements on how they will be affected by Brexit, including whether they will have to apply for permission to keep living where they are now, and whether they will still enjoy freedom of movement between countries.

There is, however, some breathing space: a citizens’ rights agreement is already in place which states that their residency, healthcare and pensions will remain unchanged until the Implementation Period expires in December 2020. Therefore until that date British nationals and their families can visit, live and work in the EU just as they do at the moment and, should they need to apply for residency status, they will have six months to do so after the Implementation Period finishes.

At present these rights of free movement, employment and residency allow people like yourself to conduct business without restriction.

Just as we expect reciprocal rights for people choosing to live work and study in other EU countries we expect there to be reciprocal rights for businesses.

At this time there is a lot of discussion regarding visas and temporary employment permissions.

Watch this space and we will bring you answers to these questions as soon as the withdrawal agreements or no deal scenario is reached.