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We do not want to shut people out! We NEED/MUST cut immigration. We are a small island, trying to cope with our sick children and elderly( who lets not forget have payed into our system all their lives, some even fought for our great country)on our fantastic NHS. We have a huge crisis on our hands now, yes people are living longer( I reiterate,the people who have payed into the pot ) immigrants are having a huge negative impact on our NHS and Policing( Crime , horrendous different types of crime we have never seen on our soil until we opened the gates
Without checking EU immigrants backgrounds)I do hope Brexit will ease the burden on our NHS and Policing. To all the do gooders out there, this is not a racist post this is a state of fact! We do have EU immigrants doing fantastic work for the NHS, lets not be silly. Look at the statistics on crime!Not the horrendous gangland crime we are dealing with amongst our youngsters( God help us) we have a duty to deal with this, these children, were born on our soil. Lets sort this out once and for all, let’s keep good people in our United Kingsom and get rid of the bad ones. Does not strike me as rocket science!!