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      Until the end of the transition period you will be able to carry on as normal. At this stage we do not know what the reciprocal agreements will be after Brexit. These issues will be resolved after the final agreements are reached. We may learn more by looking backwards at the systems which existed prior to the license we are now familiar with since 1996. temporary licenses may be introduced or we may retain a reciprocal agreement. whatever happens there will inevitably be issues with insurance and replacement licenses. Lots of questions still to be answered but we will publish the news as soon as an agreement is reached. Discussions such as these effect commercial drivers, companies and individuals. Our forum gives you the opportunity to discuss these issues and share your views with other members directly effected by the changes and we will help you stay ahead of any developments.

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      As explained on the DVLA part of the GOV.UK web site it will be an offence .If you no longer live in the UK you must exchange you driving license.Also i have read they intent to ratify the 1968 Vienna convention on Road Traffic here’s the link ”

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      Thank you for that link JamieS very helpful

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      The UK government has announced today that in the unlikely event of a “No Deal” Brexit your UK driving licence may not be valid by itself in the EU after March 2019. UK drivers may have to get an International Driving Permit (IDP), which has to be carried along with your driving licence. You may also need an IDP to hire a vehicle when you are abroad. There are two types of IDP required by EU countries. You would need both types if you were visiting EU countries covered by different conventions – for example France and Spain. So you would need your driving licence and both types of IDP.

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      Hi Cannyoli and thank you for the very informative post. We have today contacted the Cypriot and Greek licensing departments to establish the exact process for expats. We are doing the same with Spain, Portugal and France and will begin offering country specific downloadable step by step guides for our members later this week. We are also finalising a walkthrough guide for EU citizens wishing to do the same in the UK.

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      Hi all,

      soon we will update that post with new information,  also will update Greece and Cyprus with the same information in English and Greek language.

      Thank you

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      Recent ‘No Deal’ Brexit advice from the UK government has suggested that you may wish to exchange your existing country of origin License for a UK license before 30 March 2019.

      This is good advice if you are living, working or studying in the UK and intend to remain here are a resident under the EU Settlement rules. Whilst there may yet be a deal which means your license will be valid after the 30 March next year there is now a real possibility that it will not.

      The good news is that the process to exchange is fairly simple. You can do this online with the government website or by obtaining a D1 application form from major Post Offices. Here is our quick guide for the process:

      In order to exchange your license, you must meet the following conditions:

      You must be a resident of the United Kingdom and/or have lived for at least l85 days at a permanent address in the UK.

      Your foreign license must still be valid.

      You must surrender your old EU license to the DVLA in order to receive your new UK License – you cannot hold both.

      If you meet the above criteria and want to exchange your current EU driver’s license for a UK one, you need to submit the following documents:

      A completed D1 application form from the DVLA

      Your foreign driver’s license

      Any additional supporting documents requested such as ID or proof of a legal change.

      The fee is currently £43.

      The whole process takes approximately three weeks.




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