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      Converting a UK license to a Greek Driver’s License

      Conversion of a UK driving license into a Greek Driving License our step-by-step advice for Ex-pats.

      Brexit advice from the UK government has suggested that you may wish to exchange your UK driver’s license to a License issued in the EU country of your permanent residence before 30 March 2019. This advice is being offered to UK citizens living, working or studying within the EU.

      This is good advice if you are living, working or studying in the EU and intend to remain there are a resident under the post Brexit EU Settlement rules. Whilst there may yet be a deal which means your license will be valid after the 30 March next year there is now a real possibility that it will not.

      The good news is that the process to exchange is fairly simple. Here is our quick guide for the process:

      In order to exchange your license, you must meet the following conditions:

      Greek law states that this can be done provided the person applying –

      Has a habitual residence in Greece or the status of a student or student for at least six (6) months in Greece prior to the filing date of the application and the supporting documents.

      Holds a valid driving license of a Member State of the EU or of the States of Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and has not been removed from any authority.He / she does not own / hold a third-country driving license

       If he/she wishes their Blood Group to be listed on the driving license form and consents to his / her compliance with the Driving License Record of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport, which is entered on page 2 as the point 14a of theDriving License Form

      The application must also be accompanied with:

      A photocopy of a police ID or a valid Greek passport or personal health booklet. If the applicant has the nationality of another EU member state. A photocopy of an identity card or a valid passport is required and a third-country national is required to obtain a photocopy of a passport or other document permitting entry into Greece or a document issued by a competent Greek authority, from which the identity of the person and his or her age.

      A photocopy of any applicable public document, if the person concerned is not a Greek citizen who certifies his / her habitual residence in Greece, such as a Residence Permit, a Citizen’s Registration Certificate, a Permanent Residence Certificate of a Member State of the EU, Certificate of lodging of supporting documents for the granting or renewal of a Type A Residence Card, Special Identity Card Homogeneous. This document must have been issued at least 185 days prior to the submission of the application. If the foreign national concerned is a student or a student, the original attestation of the faculty or school certifying that there is at least six (6) months of student or student status before the filing date of the application is required.

      A Photocopy of the valid driving license.

      Proof of payment of € 30.00 for the printing of the driving license

      One (1) recent photo, passport type (biometric)

       A request to print the driving license

      Foreign driving license should be translated to Greek (Translation can be done by an Attorney)

      On receipt of the new Greek driving license, the UK license must be returned to the DVLA.

      This process may take Up to 50 days.

      Brexit Decoded has Greek Lawyers who are available to assist ex-pats with this and any other issues at vastly reduced rates compared to other service providers.

      If you would like to receive a free consultation with no obligation to discuss these matters please email us at info@brexitdecoded.com and we will pass your details to our affiliates.

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