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      Recent ‘No Deal’ Brexit advice from the UK government has suggested that you may wish to exchange your existing country of origin License for a UK license before 30 March 2019.

      This is good advice if you are living, working or studying in the UK and intend to remain here are a resident under the EU Settlement rules. Whilst there may yet be a deal which means your license will be valid after the 30 March next year there is now a real possibility that it will not.

      The good news is that the process to exchange is fairly simple. You can do this online with the government website or by obtaining a D1 application form from major Post Offices. Here is our quick guide for the process:

      In order to exchange your license, you must meet the following conditions:

      You must be a resident of the United Kingdom and/or have lived for at least l85 days at a permanent address in the UK.

      Your foreign license must still be valid.

      You must surrender your old EU license to the DVLA in order to receive your new UK License – you cannot hold both.

      If you meet the above criteria and want to exchange your current EU driver’s license for a UK one, you need to submit the following documents:

      A completed D1 application form from the DVLA

      Your foreign driver’s license

      Any additional supporting documents requested such as ID or proof of a legal change.

      The fee is currently £43.

      The whole process takes approximately three weeks.




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