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      Forum Rules and Guidelines.

      Brexit Decoded aims to provide access to information, support for all things Brexit and the ability to ask questions and seek answers from third party professionals whilst encouraging other members to contribute with their own experiences.

      Brexit Decoded will seek answers on behalf of its members and identify where further information is needed. All forums need rules and our rules are designed to encourage free speech, open debate and the pursuit of knowledge.

      The rules are there to achieve these goals in a safe environment and each and every member and contributor is responsible for adhering to these rules. When you join the Brexit Decoded Forum (BDF) you will be required to read and agree to these rules and to abide by them at all times.

      Our rules.

      Moderation: Brexit Decoded Limited and the site administrators moderate the BDF. We use a combination of automated moderation where we check for abusive language and human moderation where we manually review posts and respond to members’ reports.

      All offensive posts will be removed and the decision to censor members by amending, altering or excluding posts will be taken by the moderators. This will only occur if the post contravenes our rules.

      All abusive or inappropriate posts will be removed where identified and any member identifying what they consider to be abusive or inappropriate language or behaviour should report it to the moderators. Remember that two wrongs seldom make a right.

      If you are the recipient of an abusive post please report it rather than engaging in an abusive response. There is no justification for abusive or inappropriate behaviour on the BDF. Please report any inappropriate behaviour.

      We have no intention to censor, suppress or limit discussions but we will remove a membership where posts are abusive or attempt to curtail free speech. We will only remove or amend where we have good reason and we will always identify the reason for such action. Disagreeing with someone should never result in abusive language.

      If we need to warn, suspend or ban a member we may chose to do this via a private message or as an automated message for abusive posting. Repeated rule breaking will result in a permanent ban from the BDF. We take all of our members’ privacy very seriously and we never reveal the details of moderation to other members. If a member is banned or given a warning they will always be informed of the reason. Questions about specific cases of moderation can be sent to the administrators.

      If contacting us about moderation, please clearly identify the posts or threads in question. Any questions about site policies or moderation can be emailed to help@brexitdecoded.com

      Brexit Decoded Forum Rules:

      All members must agree not to post any messages which are obscene, threatening, vulgar, racial, sexual, hateful, or that otherwise offend any individual or breach any law. Members can only register once. Members who were banned or given time-out may not re-register.

      The administrators are the only people able to provide reinstatement. Accounts are unique and are to be used by just one person. Each member is responsible for all posts made within that account.

      Opening more accounts than one account is prohibited.

      Members must NOT do any of the following:

      Purposely mislead a member or give advice known to be false.

      Insult other members.

      Members must be able to discuss posts without insulting other members.

      Send, post or link to obscene, pornographic and/or explicit images, photographs or representations. Intimidate, harass, threaten, insult or personally attack other forum members, moderators or administrators.

      Send rude or unwanted messages including private emails. Spamming and/or multiple posting. Regular postings are encouraged but posting the same post many times, posting multiple posts without real content in the same thread or posting to gain a higher post count will get a member banned.

      No referral links to sites using pyramid selling techniques.

      No advertising or soliciting for commercial business offers.

      Members may not make posts to promote commercial or personal websites.

      Posts will be deleted if their purpose is to advertise or to promote organisations, products, services or to build traffic to other websites.

      Also not allowed:

      Requests for members to participate in donations, surveys, competitions or for purposes that do not benefit the BDF community as a whole.

      You will be banned for persistent violations and your posts are likely to be edited or a warning issued and recorded.

      Posting software serial numbers, keys, referring people to specific websites whose purpose is to break or bypass software licensing methods, or to cause license and/or copyright violation.


      Posting to intentionally cause negative reactions or to try to pick fights.


      Members using obscene or lewd language or continually using coarse or vulgar language will be banned.

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