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      AvatarJames Cass

      Hello all. I’m struggling to find advice on this topic. I’m currently working between London and Edinburgh, and have contacted both Embassies, but neither can help. I’m an artist, and I plan to live with my Athenian partner in Athens for the whole of 2021, where I will produce a new exhibition. My business is based in Scotland, and I don’t want to change that. I fear that if I apply for Greek residency, the issue of my business location (and where I pay my taxes) will arise?  And so I am finding various threads recommending applying for a National Visa. However, as I am not travelling for official “family reunion” or to take up official work in the city, the “reason for travel” on my Visa application is a little thin. Has anyone come across a case like this? Or might you have any advice on the topic of a Brit moving to Greece after Brexit for longer than 90 days?


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      Avatargeorge smith

      There are two situation

      1. If you want to run this entire exhibition in your company’s name then there are no requirements to pay taxes there.

      2. If going to take this in your name then you need to pay tax there.

      If you want more information about this topic you can read this blog: https://theangeltrust.com/pros-and-cons-of-registered-company-in-the-uk-or-eu-after-1-feb-2021/

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