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      My goodness Nigel Farage and other politicians talked the talk!
      Vote Leave £350 million to NHS instead of EU.
      Vote Leave immigration deep cuts.
      Vote Leave 5 million immigrants could enter Britain by 2030 if Turkey and four other applicant countries join EU.
      Got me!

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      Wow what a rant. I think you need to read up a bit

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      You miss the point G.Penda….
      Millions of us were given “facts”on numerous occasions by politicians. I did read up, I have followed up and found very smallpart truths in many of these statements from politicians.Had I had actual facts ( these were NOT available anywhere ) would I have voted differently, quite possibly as I take the future of who governs my country VERY seriously. As we can see from the shambolic negotiations going on now, no one actually knows what, when or how these negotiations will end! I will keep myself up to date reading Brexitdecoded blog daily.

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      @sunshine1 politicians never give you facts. They give you information. You need to identify the facts and extract the true ones.

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      i voted from the experience of life not what some bullshit politician spouts. its quite plain to see the eu is a dictaitorship and it would like to run all the countrys in europe as it please’s we may have well just kept hitler.

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