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      I have heard that in Portugal the government have extended the time allowable to register for residency until June 21, is this correct? Does this apply to people moving from the UK after Dec 20  and if so will they retain all the same EU rights or do you still require to be in Portugal before the end of Dec 20 to be able to retain all the same EU rights and the additional 6 months is just there to deal with any backlog of issuing documents.

      We hope to be able to get to Portugal before the end of Dec 20 but we need yo know what the implications are if are not able to make it. So we were wondering what the implication of the rumour of June 21 date would have on our rights.

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      Mentioning above that this is a rumour and as the information on country specific rules after the 31st of December 2020 change constantly the best advise at the moment would be that definitive information should be obtained from the Portuguese authorities.

      You might find helpful information about Visas and Residency in Portugal here and maybe what generally is available about UK Nationals Living in Europe here.



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      Thanks for the links Kelly!

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      Thank you Kelly

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