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      I am currently importing high quality products from various EU countries for my restaurants which are based in London.
      How is the so far process of importing such products going to be affected by Brexit?

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      Hi Pinkratatouille
      What particular products are you importing – persishables, dry goods or both?

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      Mostly dry goods. Why does that make a difference?

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      Hi great question. I’m sure caerurfa will come back to you but assume the relevance is the perishable nature of the goods. There are stories circulating about delays at ports in the event of a no deal and the need for exporters/importers to make provisions for storage. Your original question falls into the category of ‘unknown’ at this stage. Worst case scenario is that the goods will be more expensive due to import duties levied in the event of a no deal. Best case is that we reach a deal of some kind which retains elements of the free trade currently in place. We are expecting more advice notices from the government over the coming weeks and as you will see in our blog we are decoding these for you as they are released. Whilst this is not the difinitive answer you may have been seeking we will be bringing you information and advice as soon as these matters have been decided.

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      Thank you @BDSteve! Will be checking regularly your blog and will come back with further more specific questions regarding my concerns.


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      Updates: Advice for food producers, manufacturers, retailers and suppliers on the changes to food labels if the UK leaves the EU without a deal.

      Food labelling changes after Brexit

      *Guidance updated to include links to the new UK health and identification marks.

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