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      There is very little factual, reliable information available on this matter at the moment although governments are trying to reassure students, graduates and professionals. If we look at the current systems in place that operate outside of the EU we can see model for the formalisation and acceptance of professional qualifications gained elsewhere. At present we envisage a system where there is a recognition procedure and certification process that will be adopted for cross border qualifications and this will also apply to health professionals, teachers and a raft of professional qualifications. Once any conversion processes or registration systems are agreed and implemented across the 27 EU States we will share the information within our forum and via our Blog.

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      Im in the 1st year of my LLB and i want to complete my studies in order to be the qualified as a Lawyer.This means i have to complete also the LLM.After a long discussion that i had with a college in my country representing UK Universities they reassured me that even if there is a Deal with the UK-EU all students who are already studying or willing to study in UK there is no doubt that their qualifications will be recognised across Europe depending on the registration system the EU countries already have. They also encourage candidates not to be afraid especially for this matter.

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      Don’t believe everything you get told – especially if it’s from someone selling you something. I think I would wait until we know exactly what is going on which will hopefully be in either late October or during November this year. It’s a big commitment to make when there is uncertainty but I agree with the BD mod that the qualifications will be recognised. I would be more worried about fees, whether you can do part time work and that kind of stuff.

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      I also believe that as concerned the fees or the study loans will be a few changes but I cannot think of any reason why they won’t recognise the qualifications?

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      Exactly I agree with KingArthur when someone sells you something he could say anything to you.I’m pretty sure that the fees will increase a lot.
      As for the qualifications I believe will be still recognised abroad and there is absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t

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      If you are an EU citizen of course they will. If you are a UK national then it depends. On the upcoming deals.

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      @kellyd we are not engineers or IT experts.Depents on what you studied.Even if you are an EU citizen you are not qualified.There is a whole process you need to take in order to be qualified

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      Beside the “whole process my friend” what’s the point of the unis abroad if you cannot be qualified? So one more question…the one who’s qualified before Brexit is going be unqualified after Brexit??

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